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Under warranty, services and replacement of parts due to manufacturing defects are complimentary. However, if instruments are mishandled, damaged, or serviced by a third party, spare parts will incur a charge. No repair fees will be applied. Should instruments require factory repair, transport charges will be borne by the customer.


All electronic products from DFCI Pvt Ltd carry a one-year warranty from the invoice date. Accessories, including batteries, have a manufacturer’s warranty of six months. To activate the warranty, end-users must register their purchase. If unregistered, presenting the Unit Serial number and Invoice details is essential for support.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC)

DFCI Pvt Ltd prioritizes customer satisfaction, understanding the value of product longevity, post-purchase support, and enhanced customer experiences. We provide an extensive range of customer services, including CMC Contracts which encompass Preventive Maintenance, 72-Hr Downtime Repairs, Standby Support, Warranty Services, and Parts Availability.

CMC Contract holders enjoy discounts on accessories and consumables. Periodic calibration, recommended annually for some products, is available at discounted rates. For specifics, consult our Customer Care division.

CMC Contracts last for a year, with potential extensions. For contract details, contact your local service team or our All India Support at +91-7810002998 or email: service@mesmedi.com.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

DFCI Pvt Ltd remains committed to elevating customer experiences, emphasizing product durability, and post-sale support. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts offer Preventive Maintenance, Equipment Breakdown Repairs, and Parts Availability.

AMC Contract holders benefit from discounts on spares, accessories, and consumables. Mandatory periodic calibration is available at reduced rates for AMC clients.

Like CMC Contracts, AMCs last a year and can be renewed upon mutual agreement. To initiate or inquire about an AMC, connect with our service team or All India Support at +91-7810002998 or email: service@mesmedi.com.

Product Training

Upon instrument installation, complimentary training is provided to familiarize your staff with product functionalities and effective usage. This training is essential for obtaining accurate patient reports. During the warranty period, two such training sessions are free. Subsequent sessions incur a nominal fee. AMC and CMC subscribers receive complimentary training during preventive service visits.
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