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PC based ECG adopter

PC based ECG adopter

Product Code: HT2

Handy PC based ECG machine helps to capture 12 lead ECG simultaneously and report is printed on a plain A4 sheet or graph sheet with interpretation.

Small pocket device connected to a patient with a 12 patient ECG cable and a USB cable to connect any Windows 7/8/10 operated computer. An advanced software helps to capture all the leads simultaneously and gives a stable, reliable 12 Lead ECG on the computer screen.

Software helps to print on a plain white paper or on a graph sheet with option to select multiple print order. The standard 4 x 3 lead format with a long rhythm lead (user selectable) with measurement and interpretation makes the unit very attractive.


  • PC based ECG machine with DSP technology
  • Full Frequency Response 0.05 to 150 Hz
  • Simultaneous Acquisition
  • Measurements of all 12 leads with Interpretation
  • Simultaneous acquisition of 12 leads
  • Display of running traces of 12 leads split into group of 6 each
  • Facility to export ECG for expert operation
  • Runs on USB power