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Electronic Sensor Plate Pedography

Electronic Sensor Plate Pedography

Product Code: PODIASTAT

The foot pressure sensor plate model PODIASTAT is an accurate electronic system for recording and evaluating pressure distribution under the foot in static (weight-bearing), dynamic(walking) and postural conditions. Foot pressure mapping system Podiastat is a measuring tool for the early recognition of altered pressure patterns in the individual with diabetes.

It was documented that during walking, the neuropathic patients exhibit a slap gait. The Charcot of foot displays higher pressure in the midfoot region as compared to the typical diabetic foot pattern. Information derived from such pressure measures is important in gait and posture research for diagnosing lower limb problems, footwear design, sports biomechanics, injury prevention and other applications. Plantar pressure, however, has great potentialities in the field of research but even more in Clinics and Podiatry. When compared with other assessment devices typically used in gait analysis, pressure measurement systems are easier to implement and use, less time-consuming, less expensive than complex gait analysis equipment.

The Foot scanner Podiastat is an electronic sensor based thin platform that is connected to a computer for power supply and also for transferring the data provides Static, dynamic and postural measurements.

Our new Podiascan software captures the pressure area accurately and also has provision to include the physical observation and ABI, VPT and MF data in the report.

  • Measure static, dynamic, multi dynamic and postural pressure mapping
  • Bi-directional walking facility
  • Sensor size of 8 x 8 mm
  • 400mm x 400mm sensing area
  • 1600 sensors with Sampling rate 100Hz
  • Maximum of 200kg patient load
  • Maximum Pressure 100N/cm2
  • Weighs 3.15 kg 
  • Dimension of 565mm(L) x 612(D) x 22mm – 7mm(H)
  • Thickness of platform 7mm or less
  • Displays area, Maximum Pressure curves
  • Should have storage of measurement data
  • Displays each frame in rollover process (ROP)
  • Displays maximum pressure picture (MPP)
  • Displays of % of distribution of pressure
  • Force value graph display for both foot
  • Prints screen copy
  • Prints 1:1 actual size
  • Displays centre of pressure (COP) line
  • Connects to PC through USB for data transfer and power
  • Software compatible to any Windows Computer
  • Displays 60 frames of mosaic for one measurement
  • 2D and 3D pressure display 
  • Provision to connect a video camera
  • Video walking synchronized with pressure roll over is available
  • Comparison of videos of patients walking
  • Comparison of reports of same patient or with multi-patients
  • Export of data available
  • Facility for data backup and retrieval 
  • PDF printing facility
  • Branded computer with processor i3 or above and color printer (Optional)