Advanced Plantar Pressure In-Shoe Pedography

Product Code: Pedar

The pedar® system is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads between the foot and the shoe. The pedar® offers the ultimate versatility with its multiple standard features and operating modes. The pedar® can be tethered to a PC via a fiber optic/USB cable. It can also function in a mobile capacity with its built-in Bluetooth® technology. And, as yet another alternative, the pedar® has a SD card storage allowing data to be collected anywhere and later downloaded to the computer. 

 All of these features make the pedar® system extremely mobile and flexible to meet virtually all testing needs such as walking, running, climbing stairs, carrying loads, playing soccer, or even riding a bicycle. The results are therefore more relevant to real-life. 

The pedar® system connects to highly conforming, elastic sensor insoles that cover the entire plantar surface of the foot, or to sensor pads for the dorsal, medial or lateral areas of the foot. The pedar® system allows multiple synchronisation options to use with EMG and video systems for gait analysis.

Applications of pedar® system:
    • footwear shoe research and design
    • aid in orthotic design
    • rehabilitation assessment
    • kinetic analysis of free gait
    • long term load monitoring
    • sport biomechanics
    • biofeedback
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