Simple Plantar Foot Scanner System

Product Code: Podiascan

Feet provide the primary surface of interaction with the environment during locomotion. Thus, it is important to diagnose foot problems at an early stage for injury prevention, risk management and general wellbeing. 

Although plantar pressure data have been recognized as an important element in the assessment of clients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, information derived from plantar pressure data also can assist in determining and managing the impairments associated with various musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Plantar pressure measurement systems identify and quantify areas of high pressure, helping you diagnose the root cause of lower extremity problems and design more effective offloading devices.

The Foot Scanner Podiascan system provides podiatrist and biomechanists with an economical and efficient method to measure static / dynamic plantar foot pressure distribution. The Footscan Podiascan system produces instantaneous and permanent high resolution image of the pressure distribution across the plantar surface. 

The Foot Scan system Podiascan consist of a Harris mat / Foot Imprinter model FM1111, Windows based image analysis software and patient reporting software. HP make Scanner copier printer model HP 2050 series or equivalent is an optional item. By using our Harris mat in conjunction with scanner and image analysis software, the system produces an enhanced full colour representation of the sole of the foot. 

We introduced this Original concept in India as early as 2005.

    • Uses Foot Imprinter recording paper
    • Low cost device
    • Software supports Windows Xp, 7, 8 and 10 operated computer
    • Footwear measurement can be entered in the software
    • ABI, VPT, MF scores and measurements can be added in the report
    • Software converts even a very light image without dropping the image
    • Export in pdf option
    • Patient report can be directly emailed from software to a footwear supplier
    • Data backestore
    • Original design
Diagnostic uses include:
    • Identifying areas of potential ulceration
    • Pre and Post surgical evaluation
    • Determining the degree of pronation and supination
    • Screening diabetics and other neuropathy patients
    • Monitoring regenerative foot disorders
    • Determination of orthotic efficacy

PODIASCAN system is supplied with Foot Imprinter Harris Mat(with accessories), An interface box to computer, A licensed software with hardlock to capture and convert the gray scale image inot a multi color scale and generates a patient report.

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